heart [härt]
[ME herte < OE heorte, akin to Ger herz < IE base * k̑erd-, k̑ṙd-, heart > L cor, (gen. cordis), Gr kardia, OIr cride, Serb sce]
a) the hollow, muscular organ in a vertebrate animal that receives blood from the veins and pumps it through the arteries by alternate dilation and contraction
b) an analogous part in most invertebrate animals
2. the part of the human body thought of as containing the heart; breast; bosom
3. any place or part like a heart, in that it is near the center; specif.,
a) the central core of a plant or vegetable [hearts of celery]
b) the center or innermost part of a place or region [the heart of a city]
4. the central, vital, or main part; real meaning; essence; core
5. the human heart considered as the center or source of emotions, personality attributes, etc.; specif.,
a) inmost thought and feeling; consciousness or conscience [to know in one's heart]
b) the source of emotions: contrasted with HEAD, n. 2a, the source of intellect
c) one's emotional nature; disposition [to have a kind heart]
d) any of various humane feelings; love, devotion, sympathy, etc.
e) mood; feeling [to have a heavy heart]
f) spirit, resolution, or courage [to lose heart]
6. a person, usually one loved or admired in some specified way [he is a valiant heart]
7. something like a heart in shape; conventionalized design or representation of a heart, shaped like this: ♥
a) any of a suit of playing cards marked with such figures in red
b) [pl., with sing. or pl. v.] this suit of cards
c) [pl., with sing. v.] a card game in which the object is either to avoid winning any hearts or the queen of spades, or to win all the hearts and the queen of spades
Rare to hearten, or encourage
to hearten, or encourage
after someone's own heart
that suits or pleases someone perfectly
at heart
in one's innermost or hidden nature; secretly or fundamentally
break someone's heart
to cause someone to be overcome with grief or disappointment, often, specif., by rejecting or spurning his or her love or affection
by heart
by or from memorization
☆ change of heart
a change of mind, affections, loyalties, etc.
do someone's heart good
to make someone happy; please someone
eat one's heart out
to brood or feel keenly unhappy over some frustration or in regret
from the bottom of one's heart or from one's heart
very sincerely or deeply
☆ have a heart
to be kind, sympathetic, generous, etc.
have one's heart in one's mouth or have one's heart in one's boots
to be full of fear or nervous anticipation
have one's heart in the right place
to be well-intentioned or well-meaning
heart and soul
with all one's effort, enthusiasm, etc.
in one's heart of hearts
in one's innermost nature or deepest feelings; fundamentally
lose one's heart to or lose one's heart
to fall in love (with)
near someone's heart
dear or important to someone
set someone's heart at rest
to cause someone to set aside doubts, fears, or worries
set one's heart on
to have a fixed desire for; long for
steal someone's heart
to cause someone to feel love or affection
take heart
to have more courage or confidence; cheer up
take to heart
1. to consider seriously
2. to be troubled or grieved by
to one's heart's content
as much as one desires
wear one's heart on one's sleeve
to behave so that one's feelings or affections are plainly evident
with all one's heart
1. with complete sincerity, devotion, etc.
2. very willingly; with pleasure
with half a heart

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